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SAFe – Agile Product Management

Discover and apply the mindset, skills and tools needed to create desirable, viable, achievable and sustainable products and solutions.


The Agile Product Management course draws on Design Thinking to develop innovative solutions, combined with proven SAFe capabilities to execute these visions. This course is ideal for those wishing to learn how to create products, from conception to retirement, using agile techniques.

Key benefits

  • Innovative approach: Harness the power of design thinking to find innovative solutions.
  • Strategic alignment: Align your product strategy with your organization’s objectives and your customers’ needs.
  • Rapid execution: Accelerate product life cycles for faster time-to-market.

Topics covered

  • The role of a product manager in the lean enterprise.
  • Continuous exploration of markets and users.
  • Strategy with market segmentation.
  • Empathy in design.
  • Definition of product strategy and vision.
  • Creating roadmaps for solutions.
  • Delivering value and managing value chain economics.
  • Value chain innovation.


Familiarity with Agile principles and practices and at least one SAFe course are recommended. Experience in product or solution management is strongly recommended.

Elements included in the course

  • Complete participant manual.
  • SAFe Agile Product Manager (APM) 6.0 certification exam eligibility.
  • One-year SAFe Studio membership.
  • Course completion certificate.

This training is:

Online Location Certified Languages


24 hours in 3 days

Classroom pricing:

$3,000 CAD + tx

Private Group

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  • Use Design Thinking to achieve desirable, achievable and sustainable results.
  • Explore market needs, segmentation and the competitive landscape.
  • Manage the economics of the value chain, including pricing and licensing.
  • Implement product strategy and vision, develop and evolve roadmaps.
  • Execute and deliver value using SAFe.

Target Audience

Product management teams, product marketing managers and project managers, VPs of product management, business owners and business analysts, user experience and customer experience professionals, product managers collaborating with product management.


All participants who complete the course will have the opportunity to take the Certified SAFe® 6.0 Agile Product Manager (APM) certification exam.

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