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Agility Redefined: Exploring Scaled Frameworks for Modern Companies

In today’s dynamic world, where markets evolve rapidly and customer needs change in the blink of an eye, it’s crucial for organizations to remain agile and adaptable. Agility frameworks at scale play a fundamental role in this transformation. By enabling teams and organizations to react quickly to change, while maintaining a coherent vision and strategic alignment, these frameworks are revolutionizing the way products and services are developed and delivered. Whether SAFe, Unfix or Nexus, each framework offers unique strategies for optimizing collaboration, productivity and end-product quality.

Partnership with SAFe and SAFe training at Pyxis

We are delighted to announce that Pyxis is now an official SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) partner. This collaboration marks a strategic turning point for our company, enabling us to offer a wide range of SAFe training courses. This globally recognized framework facilitates alignment, collaboration and delivery within the enterprise. It helps organizations evolve on a large scale, aligning team objectives with those of the company. By integrating SAFe training into our offering, Pyxis is committed to providing cutting-edge skills and knowledge to all those seeking to excel in agility at scale.

Take a look at our SAFe public training courses.

Introduction to the unFIX Model at Pyxis


Pyxis is proud to announce the upcoming introduction of unFIX training, an avant-garde organizational model.

unFIX offers a unique approach to organizational structure, moving away from rigid processes towards adaptive models. It is suitable for a variety of departments, promoting a bottom-up approach for greater adaptability. This model is not limited to IT, and is intended to complement other existing frameworks. With aFIX, teams, or “Crews”, have diversified roles, covering value production and governance. This approach encourages self-organization and flexibility, while ensuring effective collaboration within organizations. Pyxis is excited to be the first to offer this revolutionary training in Quebec.

A free one-hour webinar on unFIX is organized by Pyxis. Don’t miss this opportunity, register today!

The Scrum Nexus Framework: Training and Application at Pyxis


Pyxis is also committed to training on Scrum’s Nexus agility framework, an innovative method for extending Scrum’s principles and practices beyond a single team. Nexus builds on the foundations of Scrum, extending them minimally to enable multiple teams to work together effectively. It enables around three to nine Scrum teams to work together to deliver a single product, focusing on reducing inter-team dependencies and continuous integration. This approach preserves Scrum’s basic intelligence and empiricism, while enabling teams to deliver more value than a single team could. Our Nexus training at Pyxis aims to equip professionals with the skills needed to meet the challenges of large-scale development, emphasizing the importance of transparency, self-management and accountability. To find out more about Nexus, visit Scaling Scrum with Nexus on

Towards Agility at Scale with Pyxis

By integrating agility frameworks at scale such as SAFe, unFIX and Nexus, Pyxis is positioned at the forefront of organizational transformation. These models offer flexible, adaptive solutions to modern business challenges. When you choose Pyxis for your agility training at scale, you partner with a team of experts dedicated to operational excellence and continuous innovation. Together, let’s explore the infinite possibilities of agility at scale to transform not only your teams and organizations, but also the products and services you deliver.