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OKR – Coach

Give value to your goals – OKR coach.

The OKR framework is an agile framework that allows all employees to support the business vision. OKR is a simple approach to understanding and challenging to apply to create an alignment and a commitment around measurable objectives. The objective is to ensure that everyone constantly goes in the same direction, with clear priorities.

The OKR Coach training is the ultimate OKR course level: give value to your objectives.

You will discover the fundamental elements for a successful OKR transformation in an organization or more teams.

Beyond the appropriation of the framework, OKR coaches support the organization in developing a processing culture; this last level proposes to approach the different levers of the OKR transformation.

What you will learn:

This training takes place in a hybrid format of online personal study and collective workshops

Before: reading, videos and exercises between each session (from 30 minutes to 1h20 between each session)

During: 5 online sessions of 3 hours to approach all the chapters below

  • Session #1: The Okr coach
    • Okr coach postures: definition of the role and appropriation of the different postures necessary for this role,
    • Self-leadership: embody the postures of a transformational leader
  • Session #2: Okr culture
    • Learning business culture: corporate culture & amp; Changing management emerging,
    • Sponsor coaching: how to carry out individual coaching sessions for a transformational leader
  • Session #3: Train in OKRS
    • Define and build OKRS training relating to each audience: targets and challenges, educational engineering,
    • Pollinization levers
  • Session #4: Initiate the adoption of OKRS
    • Prepare your management seminar: acculturation to OKRS and alignment on strategic OKRS
  • Session #5: Animate the deployment of OKRS
    • Animation of events: nested cadences, transverse initiatives, and documentation
    • Deployment options: Transformation team and pollination system

This training is:

Online Languages


3 hours: 5 online workshops of 3 hours and personal work outside the sessions

Classroom pricing:

$2,600 CAD + tx

Private Group

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Private Group Training


  • Coach the adoption of OKRS within a company or a team.
  • Initiate a continuous transformation approach.

Target Audience

  • OKR Leader,
  • OKR champion,
  • OKR master,
  • Change agent,
  • Consultant,
  • Coach,
  • Product Manager,
  • Anyone involved in the adoption of OKRs


This training is not certifying.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

The OKR framework is agile, enabling all employees to support the company's vision. OKR is a simple-to-understand, hard-to-apply approach to creating alignment and commitment around measurable objectives.

What's in it for me?

Discover the fundamental elements for a successful OKR transformation at an organization's or several teams' level.

Is this training for me?

If you'd like to get to grips with the different levers of OKR transformation, this training course is for you.

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