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Professional Agile Leadership-Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM)

Measure value to promote improvement and agility

The markets and customer needs are constantly evolving, and organizations need information and evidence that helps them adapt quickly to new challenges and new opportunities to offer more excellent value and reach natural commercial agility. However, organizations that use agile product development techniques often use traditional management approaches and await managers to set long-term firm objectives and manage progression to these objectives using dashboards of static measurements.

Evidence-Based Management ™ (EBM) is an agile approach to help managers guide their teams toward continuous improvement in customers, organizational capacities and commercial results. The EBM focuses on customer value and intentional experimentation to systematically improve the performance of an organization and achieve its strategic objectives.

In the Professional Agile Leadership ™-Evidence-Based Management (PAL-EBM) course, participants learn what EBM is and how to apply it through practical learning based on activities. Thanks to a series of exercises, participants learn techniques that support a more agile state of mind:

  • Use empiricism to set and achieve strategic objectives by managing the unknown and complexity by experimentation and adapting the objectives.
  • Create a cultural environment using clear objectives, appropriate measures and confidence to allow self-management and autonomy.
  • No longer measure progress using the team’s performance parameters but focus on the customer and improving its results.
  • Bring operational improvements using four key value areas (unpaid value, current value, marketing time and innovation capacity) to make evidence decisions.

Participants must have read the Evidence-Based Management Guide, understand agile practices and want to move away from the working methods and traditional measurement models and focus on the plans. Still, they do not need specific experience in Scrum. The Professional Agile Leadership-Essentials course helps leaders understand how to support their agile teams best and constitutes an ideal preparation in Pal-EBM, but it is not a prerequisite.

Professional Scrum Product Owner and Professional Scrum Product Owner – Advanced courses teach product owners how to create value and can be an excellent supplement in Pal -EBM.

This training is:

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7 hours a day

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$1,095 CAD + tx

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  • Understanding the essential aspects of objectives and measures and how they influence behaviour as well as the culture and values ​​of an organization.
  • Help organizations to adopt empiricism as a leadership approach. Use experimentation to go to the organization's objectives gradually.
  • Appreciate how objectives and confidence work together to allow autonomy, transparency and value creation.
  • Establish a correlation between leadership on the market and sustainability and curiosity, adaptation and empiricism.
  • Understand how to use the EBM and its KVAs to concentrate measures on improving market value and operational capacities.

Target Audience

PAL-EBM is aimed at professionals occupying management positions (in particular executives, managers, scrum masters, product owners, coaches and consultants) who:

  • Are responsible for the success of their product delivery programs or their agile transformations and are looking for a way to measure and demonstrate this success.
  • Look for a framework that identifies the areas of improvement to increase the agility of their business, including the time necessary to rotate in order to meet new challenges and offer added value to customers
  • Want to help their organization to adopt empiricism and experimentation to find solutions to complex problems (where there are more strangers than known or where the situation changes quickly)
  • Want to articulate objectives and measures so as to promote self-management and allow their teams to understand the link between their work and the value that their organization provides and that the customer receives.
  • Want to be more effective in their way of measuring success by using agile measures rather than traditional measurement models (including the use of velocity).



All the participants who finish this course will receive a password to try the PAL -EBM (Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence Based Management) assessment. PAL-EBM certification, recognized by industry, requires a minimum score of 85 %.

Participants in Pal-EBM courses who try the Pal-EBM evaluation within 14 days of receiving their free password and who do not get a score of at least 85 % will be entitled to a second attempt at no cost additional.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

Help leaders guide their teams to continuous improvement in results for customers, organizational capacities, and commercial results.

what's in it for me?

Some techniques that support a more agile state of mind. Helping to adopt empiricism as a leadership approach.

Is this training for me?

You've come to the right place if you want to move away from traditional, drawing-based working methods and measurement models.

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