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Introduction to EDIA (Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility) and unconscious bias

Join us for a transformative workshop, beginning with an immersive activity designed to shake perceptions and invite introspection. Guided by the teachings of Julie Nadon, we’ll plumb the depths of our unconscious prejudices to reveal the foundations of a culture of inclusion.

With a common language and shared references, we’ll lay the foundations for inclusive transformation. We’ll explore how to embrace diversity in all its forms – generational, neurological, ethno-cultural – and how to appreciate it truly.

The pillars of inclusive leadership will be our compass, pointing us toward coherence, courage, bias awareness, curiosity, cultural intelligence and collaboration. We’ll examine common pitfalls and develop strategies to avoid them, creating a safe space for all.

Next, we’ll look at the cultural gaps hindering collaboration and communication. By identifying these eight gaps, we’ll pave the way for a work environment where failure is seen as a step towards success and diversity of perspectives is the norm.
We’ll adapt as we go, allowing each participant to see through new lenses and unlock innovation. We’ll also share recruitment practices that reflect our values of equity and inclusion.
In this space of continuous learning, together, we’ll do more than understand inclusion – we’ll embody it.

This training is:

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one day of 7 hours

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$650 CAD + tx

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  • Illuminate the notion of unconscious prejudice, inviting deep reflection on the hidden influences that shape our perceptions.
  • Engage everyone in an introspective journey to discover and recognize their anchors and biases, illuminating the path to self-understanding.
  • Understand the repercussions of unconscious biases within the organization and the broader fabric of our society to promote a culture of collective responsibility.
  • Learning to decentralize and overcome prejudices opens the door to new and enriching perspectives.
  • Deepen our understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as the concepts of stereotypes, discrimination, racism and microaggression, by linking them to our day-to-day experiences and responsibilities.
  • Equip leaders with the necessary tools for inclusive management, fostering an empathetic and equitable organizational culture.
  • Found and strengthened safe spaces where vulnerability is respected and personal growth encouraged.
  • Highlight management and communication strategies that place collaboration at the company's heart, creating a naturally inclusive environment.
  • Recognize the eight main cultural divergences and integrate appropriate strategies for harmonious cooperation.
  • Acquire the skills to engage in conversations geared towards understanding and celebrating differences.
  • Prepare managers and HR professionals to navigate the intercultural management landscape confidently.
  • Define and implement forward-thinking recruitment practices that reflect and value the richness of human diversity.

Target Audience

  • Managers;
  • HR,
  • Managers,
  • Coaches


At Pyxis Doceo, excellence guides every training program. Our programs follow high quality standards and are updated annually. Each session is enriched by interactive workshops and exercises, fostering connection between participants. You don’t just learn, you transform.

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