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Human Resources and Agile Reality

This training aims to explore the new role of human resources (HR) in an agile organization!

Becoming agile for a company in an increasingly competitive labour market allows you to react to an environment that is more than ever volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. This training is aimed at human resources, consultants, and managers at all company levels.

Would you like to know how HR can act as a catalyst and amplify a culture in which agility can develop?

Are you a specialist in human resources or a consultant, and you have followed Agile HR training, but do you miss the concrete side of establishing agility?

Do you work as an HR specialist and want to support your manager in his desire to implement agility and methodologies while being seen as a business partner and not as a brake on business management law?

Do you wonder how to help your organization create more value for its customers while considering humans at the heart of their interventions?

At the end of the training, you will understand how human resources can rely on different levers to amplify agility and thus help the directions to consider employees as a living organization, a set of people who think, have ideas and values ​​, and are creative. So many elements do not control themselves but have the power to make them agile.

This training is:

Online Languages


11 hours over 2 days

Classroom pricing:

$995 CAD + tx

Private Group

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  • Why should HR be included in the adoption of an agile transformation?
  • How can HR be an asset during the implantation and maintenance of agile transformation?
  • Can HR limit the success of establishing agility, and how can these assumptions be restricted?
  • How can we change the vision of the HR service by employees and departments, perceived as an administration of services that hides behind policies and processes, to tend towards a more strategic vision of its role instead?
  • What are the biggest brakes on the success of implementing agility in an organization?
  • How do we get around the cultural dynamics that come into play and that limit the success of transformation?
  • How do you improve performance while motivating employees to participate in their organization's success and create more value?

Target Audience

Human resources specialists, change or organizational development management and consultants wishing to learn how to set up or increase agility and empower the teams to work together.


CRHA recognition
11 am training recognized by the Order of Approved Human Resources Advisors in Quebec (CRHA) for compulsory continuing education. Also of interest to members of the Chamber of Notaries of Quebec.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

The risks, the stakes, the obstacles and the challenges encountered during an agile transformation or transition. What elements can slow down or even prevent agility from taking root (use this sentence rather than the first if you want to avoid being scared with big words such as risks, obstacles, challenges, etc.)

What's in it for me?

A better understanding of this takes place on the ground, how to highlight the elements that can slow down or prevent the agility from taking root. Presentation of tools on which to rely, other than those already used traditionally, as much to help diagnosis

Is this training for me?

The human factor is at the heart of any organizational transition and transformation. HRs have the experience and expertise to support and equip individuals and organizations in an agile turn. It is still necessary to grasp all the facets and challenges of agility and understand its mindset and principles.

Private Group Training

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