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Facilitation of authentic retrospectives

Retrospective is one of the most significant agile events and one of the least controlled. However, there are a thousand and one ways to energize these meetings, which are highly important from the team’s and the organization’s point of view. And if we want to see our teams evolve and improve, we need to pay great attention to this ritual, which leaves no one indifferent.

We offer an intense day in apprenticeship by practice when the discovery of several techniques and activities will be experienced in a safe and rich setting. Using structured activities, case studies, role-playing, sharing and reflections, the participant will leave with new practical and easy-to-return tools in his natural team.


  • Introduction to the critical stages of retrospectives
  • The presentation of various activities depending on the context
  • The preparation of agile retrospectives
  • The creation of a psychological security space
  • Introduction to group life, roles and leadership
  • Traps and other brakes on the conduct of retrospectives
  • Agile post-retrospective monitoring and accountability

This training is:

Online Languages


7 hours in two half days

Classroom pricing:

$540 CAD + tx

Public Sessions

Private Group

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  • Discover a variety of activities to energize your retrospectives.
  • Discover practical tools that can be added to your tool safe now.
  • Create logical sequences that take into account the context of iteration and the phases of the meeting.
  • Develop your listening and adaptability to meet the needs of the group.
  • Understand roles, group life and certain leadership principles.
  • Experience retrospective facilitation in a security framework.
  • Explore case studies and live accurate simulations for full integration of learning.

Target Audience

  • Scrum masters
  • Agile coaches
  • Facilitators
  • Team coaches


At Pyxis Doceo, excellence guides every training program. Our programs follow high quality standards and are updated annually. Each session is enriched by interactive workshops and exercises, fostering connection between participants. You don’t just learn, you transform.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

How to harvest constructive feedback to improve work processes and team relations.

What's in it for me?

Using structured activities, case studies, role-playing, sharing and reflection, participants will leave with practical new tools that are easy to implement once they return to their natural team.

Is this training for me?

If you want to see your teams evolve and improve, you must pay close attention to this ritual that leaves no one indifferent.

Private Group Training

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