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Manage your product teams and stakeholders

Product managers and leaders are in the middle of many discussions. The hierarchy levels to which we are varied significantly, and our level of responsibility and decision is just as variable.

How can we increase our level of influence? How can we align and engage our teams and our stakeholders?

Influence and confidence are gained through time and our actions. It is necessary to work and feed them as soon as possible to bring out effective human collaborations. This makes developing a successful product easier by drawing from everyone’s strengths and knowledge.

This experiential training will teach you how to implement good deeds, tools, and effective communication methods to manage your teams and stakeholders.

Format & Activities

  • Pre -Pre-evaluation – become aware of its current forces and the situation
  • e-learning – Introduction of concepts and concrete examples of the tools that will be manipulated during the workshops
  • Workshops – Immersive and practical exercises to practice on concrete cases
  • Put into practice – Practice to validate the achievements and be certified
  • Self-assessment – Getting aware of evolution and learning

Themes & tools

  • Foundations of productive trust
  • Build bridges for effective collaboration
  • Encourage teams to collaborate
  • Develop a critical spirit within the teams
  • Facilitation tools


Valentine Hoyet

Co-founder and coach Product Manager @Linky Product

Valentine is a co-founder of Linky Product and a Product Leader with solid UX design experience. Always having humans in mind when she makes a decision, she is a very talented product manager and a natural leader.

Valentine has worked in diverse international companies: Capgemini, Orange Business Services, BDC, Ubisoft … She knows how to take up product challenges in large companies with large customer bases. It also supports many startups and SCALE-UP as a coach within the Montreal and Toronto ecosystem.

This training is:

Online Location Certified Languages


2 days :Asynchronous: 3 hours to 6 hours of individual work (e-learning, preparation put into practice)Synchronous: 3 online experiential workshops of 3 hours 20

Classroom pricing:

$1,900 CAD + tx

Private Group

Have a group of 5 or more students? Request special pricing for private group training today.

Private Group Training


  • Increase your level of influence via empathy and benevolence.
  • Create the basics of productive confidence.
  • Build multidisciplinary bridges for effective collaboration.
  • Encourage our teams to collaborate.
  • Encourage our teams to offer creative and innovative solutions.

Target Audience

To all leaders, leaders, team managers, product managers, Product Owner or anyone who wants to set up a simple and repeatable strategic framework to align stakeholders, teams and their efforts in the same direction.




Linky Product certification

Delivered to each participant who completed the e-learning, actively participated in the experiential workshops and carried out the concrete practice with the coach.

Private Group Training

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