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Become Scrum Product Owner

You are responsible for the development of a new product or the realization of another complex commercial project. Traditionally, you would have entrusted the project supervision to an experienced project manager, hoping to have it on the scheduled helpful date and high-quality software.

The hope is to have valuable and high-quality software on the scheduled date.

However, the high failure rate of IT projects concerns you. And even if the project is

Completed on time, you are aware that the needs of your business may have evolved before the delivery date. Like the rest of the industry, you may find yourself with a product of which 65 % of the features are not very useful or valuable.

The high failure rate of software development projects is often attributed to the need for more involvement of experts in the commercial field and experts in the business field. The initial over-specification, the numerous requests for modification, and the final software interface that does not meet users’ needs are the symptoms of a lack of cooperation between the development team and business experts.

Scrum offers you an alternative to directly and effectively manage the development of a product. Intuitive and intrusive, the Scrum process offers you quality product increments at frequent and regular intervals, generally in less than a month.

Content :


  • Introduction to agile methods
  • Software development challenges

Scrum Product Owner

  • Role and responsibilities
  • Profile and involvement of Scrum Product Owner

Construction and management of the product book

  • What is a product book?
  • How to build a product book?
  • Elements of the notebook (Product Backlog Items or Pbis)
  • Business value and planning strategies
  • Carnet maintenance sessions (Backlog Maintenance)

Follow -on the progress of an agile project

  • Workshops
  • Effective writing of user scenarios, story mapping workshop, and technique for estimating the planning poker (Mountain Goat Software)

This training is:

Online Location Languages


14 hours in 2 days

Classroom pricing:

$995 CAD + tx

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  • Play the role of Scrum Product Owner as part of an Agile project.
  • Prepare an initial product backlog.
  • Write user scenarios (User Stories) to facilitate iterative and incremental development.
  • Quickly plan a valid first version of the solution.

Target Audience

  • Scrum Product Owners Beginner or Intermediate
  • Product Manager
  • Project managers
  • Marketing managers


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