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The four great challenges of Product Owners

Scribe to Entrepreneur

Product Owners have the difficult task of helping Product Teams create the best products. This paper aims to shine light on the four great challenges they face and to provide insights into how to overcome them.

At their core, Product Owners are accountable for maximizing the Value of the work done by their Product Team. To achieve this, Product Owners help Teams answer the following questions:

These questions represent the four challenges all Product Owners face in their work.

Note that this white paper uses “Product Team” in contrast to “Scrum Team” as a Product Team may include multiple Scrum Teams. In the spirit of Scrum, the Product Team includes everyone working on the product including designers and engineers.

About the author

Luc St-Laurent

Luc St-Laurent

Luc St-Laurent is a professional trainer whose goal is to help product managers create better products using iterative release and learning cycles.

With years of experience in both virtual and real-world environments, Luc bases his teaching on pedagogical theories, interactions, concrete exercises and real-life examples, all within a playful framework. Evaluations are available on the website.

Luc has over 20 years’ experience as a Product Manager, including 15 years as a Product Owner. He has worked, coached and trained in a wide variety of contexts and industries, both IT and non-IT.

Outside of work, Luc is a family man, a keen hiker and an avid board game player.

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