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Applying Scaled Portfolio Kanban (ASPK)

What are our teams’ current concerns? How does current implementation align with our explicitly formulated strategy? Is our structure efficient, effective and able to predict its actions reliably? These questions are at the heart of most managers’ concerns as they seek to understand their current situation.


Applying Scaled Portfolio Kanban is designed for those who have already asked themselves these questions, or who wish to assist the organization in the quest for these answers. It aims to equip you with the knowledge you need to implement an effective Kanban approach, enabling your organization to continually review and adjust its value creation process. In doing so, you’ll gain a better understanding of the projects teams are working on, and the obstacles that stand in the way of effective value delivery.

The ASPK course stands out as the only large-scale agility training offered in the industry, offering not only an in-depth understanding of Kanban extension but also the resources needed to adapt this method on a large scale in your own environment.

Key benefits

  • Improved visibility: By adopting Kanban on a large scale, participants learn to increase the transparency of work in progress within the organization. This enables a better understanding of workflows and makes it easier to identify bottlenecks.
  • Increased adaptability and flexibility: Participants will learn how to make their organization’s processes more adaptable and flexible, which is crucial for responding quickly to market changes and customer demands.
  • Improved predictability: By integrating Kanban principles, teams are able to better predict product or service delivery times, thus improving customer satisfaction and strategic planning.
  • Practical tools for application: The course provides concrete tools for applying Kanban principles in various organizational contexts, offering immediate added value for participants and their teams.
  • Culture of continuous improvement: By focusing on the continuous inspection and adaptation of processes, the course encourages the development of a culture of continuous improvement within the organization.

Topics covered

  • Designing a Kanban board for portfolio management.
  • Understand how to use the Kanban portfolio system effectively.
  • Reconcile active work with declared strategy.
  • Visualize, manage and remove dependencies and obstacles to work.
  • Forecast completion dates for items across the portfolio.
  • Improve organization-wide performance by leveraging data.


Familiarity with Agile and Kanban principles and practices is recommended.

Applying Scaled Portfolio Kanban (ASPK)

This training is:

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16 heures en deux jours de formations

Classroom pricing:

$1,695 CAD + tx

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  • Mettre en place des systèmes qui assurent la transparence des travaux des équipes.
  • Évaluer si le travail actuel s'inscrit dans la stratégie globale déclarée.
  • Gérer l'ensemble du portefeuille à intervalles réguliers.
  • Comprendre rapidement les raisons qui empêchent le travail de progresser.
  • Prévoir quand les objectifs de haut niveau seront atteints.
  • Rechercher les possibilités d'améliorer en permanence l'efficacité et la prévisibilité du processus.
  • Valider si l'organisation est efficace en livrant les bonnes choses.

Target Audience

Le cours Applying Scaled Portfolio Kanban s’adresse à tous ceux qui cherchent à apporter les avantages de Kanban à tous les niveaux de l’organisation. Si vous cherchez à influencer votre organisation pour qu’elle soit plus efficace, efficiente et prévisible, ce cours vous fournira les outils pour atteindre ces objectifs. Les participants typiques sont les chefs de département, les coachs agiles, les chefs de projet, les responsables du développement, les propriétaires de produits, les Scrum Masters et les gestionnaires de produits.


Après tous les cours de Pyxis qui mènent à une certification, vous aurez l’occasion (une tentative gratuite) de valider que vous comprenez les sujets de Kanban à l’échelle Scaling with Portfolio Kanban (SPK). Nous vous inviterons à passer un test en ligne qui évaluera votre compréhension et vous donnera des conseils sur les points à améliorer. Cette évaluation exclusive n’est disponible que pour les participants au cours.

Vous recevrez le lien vers l’examen dans les 24 à 48 heures suivant votre formation. Avant de passer l’examen, vous pouvez vous entraîner en répondant aux questions du Professional Kanban Open Assessment.

Private Group Training

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