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Applying Professional Kanban (APK)

Kanban is in the process of becoming the modern means of managing customer value delivery by an organization. In an environment still in motion, you need a set of transparent practices that do not hinder your ability to provide results continuously but provide a sufficient structure for everyone to remain aligned and concentrated on his work. This two-day lesson will allow you to improve your team’s effectiveness profoundly by applying the principles of the Kanban flow.

In this course, you will learn the basic principles of the flow and how to use them to make your team’s process more efficient, predictable and efficient. By focusing on the practical application of concepts, this course includes many practical exercises that will lead you through the stages of the implementation and operation of a Kanban system for delivery and continuous improvement of the value.

Content :

  • Kanban theory, principles and practices
  • Kanban Application
  • Design and visualization of the workflow
  • How to operate a Kanban system
  • How to start

This training is:

Online Location Certified Languages


14 hours in two days of training

Classroom pricing:

$1,495 CAD + tx

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  • Explain the basic flow principles.
  • Describe the value of the WIP limits.
  • Create a visual table to manage your work.
  • Enter and interpret the main measures and flow analyses to find improvement opportunities.
  • Explain why the flow must be focused On value supply.
  • Define, build, permanently exploit and improve a Kanban system.
  • Discuss the impact of the tools on your implementation.

Target Audience

The Applied Professional Kanban course is aimed at all who wish to improve their ability to provide value and be more effective.

Anyone wishing to discover a simple approach to set up and comprising all the advantages of agile development, whether in information technology (TI) or any other field requiring the Management of services, transversal teams or even Management of requests from several customers (marketing, human resources (HR), operations, finance, etc.). For example:

  • Managers or project managers, products or services
  • Team leaders or department
  • Team members (support, infrastructure, operations, marketing, HR, etc.)
  • TI team members (architects, developers, testers, business analysts, Product Owner, Scrum Master, etc.)
  • Quality insurance specialists (QA)


After all the Doceo lessons that lead to a certification, you will have the opportunity (a free attempt) to validate that you understand the fundamental subjects of Kanban. We will invite you to take an online test to assess your understanding and advise you on the points to improve. This exclusive assessment is only available for participants in the course.
You will receive the link to the exam within 24 to 48 hours of your training. Before taking the exam, you can train by answering questions from the Professional Kanban Open Assessment.


Cédric Béthencourt - PSM, PSPO Project manager at Desjardins

June 17, 2024
In my opinion, the trainers Louis-Philippe Carignan and Pawel Mysliwiec very good: dynamic, enthusiastic, good distribution between theory and practical team exercises.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

You'll learn the basic principles of flow and how to use them to make your team's process more efficient, predictable and effective

What's in it for me?

Kanban theory, principles and practices

Is this training for me?

If you want to discover and apply Kanban in your organization, this course is for you.

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