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Professional Scrum Master – Advanced (PSM-A)

Professional Scrum Master – Advanced (PSM-A) is a course designed to support Scrum Masters in their professional development. Unlike PSM courses, which focus on how to use the scrum framework and on the role of the scrum master, PSM-A is an advanced course that helps students understand the postures that characterize a scrum master and serve it effectively while diving deeply into The way of serving the Scrum team, the product owner and the organization.

During the two days, students will learn about the critical fields of the evolution of a Scrum Master which is successful such as how the principles and values ​​of Scrum help guide the Scrum masters in their decisions and how they can help Change the environment of the Scrum teams, thus creating an environment in which agility can flourish. The role of the scrum master is complex, and often, it must be able to use different postures to be effective:

  • The scrum master as a teacher
  • The scrum master as a coach and mentor
  • The scrum master as a facilitator
  • The scrum master as an agent of change

This training is:

Online Location Certified Languages


14 hours on 2 or 3 days.

Classroom pricing:

$1,695 CAD + tx

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  • To discover which tools, skills, practices and postures make an influential scrum master.
  • Understand how the principles and values ​​of scrum help guide the scrum masters in their decision-making.
  • Learn how the scrum master acts as a servant and improves his skills.
  • Know what the scrum master can do to support development teams and product owners so that they become more effective.
  • Learn ways for the scrum master to help change the environment and make it more conducive to the success of the Scrum teams with greater agility.
  • Provide advice and techniques by the Scrum Master to work with the rest of the organization to support the Scrum teams.

Target Audience

The PSM-A course is intended for Scrum Masters who have at least a year of experience and seek to expand their knowledge and skills in Scrum Master.


All the participants who finish this course will receive a password to try the PSM-A assessment (Professional Scrum Master – Advanced). PSM-A certification, recognized by industry, requires a minimum score of 85 %.

Participants in PSM-A lesson who try the PSM-A assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and who do not get a score of at least 85 % will be entitled to a second attempt at no additional cost.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

Identify the complex challenges that scrum masters face daily that are not as obvious, modify the old approaches that do not work, be a single agile representative in the company, and decrease impostor syndrome.

What's in it for me?

Practices and tools, learning to coach/animate/teach during the course.

Is this training for me?

If you want to strengthen your self-confidence, expand your toolbox, and expand your network and credibility in the company by making a step towards agile coaching, This training is for you.

Do you offer this training in Europe?

Yes of course. Our colleagues Pyxis Suisse and Oddes Pyxis (France) also offer this training.

Private Group Training

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