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Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

Professional Scrum Master (PSM) is a course designed to acquire the skills and knowledge of the Scrum Master to optimize your team’s value and productivity. This course allows all who wish to apply Scrum to understand its mechanics and implications fully.

What you will learn:

  • The theory and the principles of Scrum which guide decision -making
  • The best ways to use scrum
  • What you need to obtain the certification of Scrum Master

Scrum theory
why does Scrum work and what are his fundamental principles? How are Scrum principles different from traditional software development approaches, and what does that imply?

Scrum means change
scrum is a different method: what does that mean for my project and organization? How do we best adopt Scrum, given the expected changes?

Scrum teams
The Scrum teams are self-organized and multidisciplinary, which differs significantly from traditional development teams. How do you set up Scrum teams and guarantee their success?

Planning according to Scrum
How to plan a project? How to estimate your cost and end date?

Predictability, risk management, and advancement
scrum are empirical processes
. How to make forecasts with Scrum? How to control the risk with Scrum? How to measure the progress with Scrum?

Optimization of Scrum
scrum works very well with a single team. Scrum also performs better than any other approach for projects or products involving hundreds or thousands of members of scattered teams. How to optimize such conditions using Scrum?


  • Having studied the scrum guide available on
  • Understand the foundations of project management
  • Understand the requirements and their decomposition
  • Having participated directly or indirectly in a product development or improvement project
  • Want to know more about the functioning of Scrum, how to use it and its implementation within an organization

This training is:

Online Certified Languages


14 hours over 2 days.

Classroom pricing:

Original price was: $1,695.Current price is: $1,495. CAD + tx

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  • Give participants a solid grounding in Scrum and its fundamental principles to decide how to make the most of it in their reality.
  • Learn why some decisions are better than others and how some promote Agility while others lead us back to a waterfall model.
  • Learn how to use Scrum's productivity indicators to measure the results of their decisions and how to optimize these results.
  • Developers, architects, analysts, project managers and product managers will receive advice to help them implement this Agile approach.

Target Audience

This course is intended primarily for those responsible for properly deploying scrum in a company, whether for the realization of one or many projects.

  • Scrum masters
  • Project managers
  • People involved in the software development process


All participants who finish this course will receive a password to try the PSM (Professional Scrum Master) assessment. PSM certification, recognized by industry, requires a minimum score of 85 %.

PSM participants who try the PSM evaluation within 14 days of receiving their free password and who do not get a score of at least 85 % will be entitled to a second attempt without additional expenses.


Mélanie Cantin

March 18, 2024
I was pleasantly surprised by the way the training was delivered. I was given time to get away from the content, to take a step back, to learn to the full, very complete despite not seeing all the content, the points covered and exercises are very complete. All this with the added bonus of a trainer who's full of knowledge and it's clear that he takes great pleasure in sharing it with us. A course I absolutely recommend!
5 stars review

Agnes Freret

April 17, 2024
I really appreciated the quality of the teaching.
5 stars review


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

This training course will help you understand Scrum's practices and values, and you will learn about Scrum theory and principles that guide decision-making, better ways of using the Scrum framework in your projects and organizations, and how to support your team better so that it reaches its full potential.

What's in it for me?

Scrum Master skills and knowledge to optimize your team's value and productivity.

Is this training for me?

If you don't want to fall into the anti-pattern of the Scrum master role, this course is for you.

Do you offer this training in Europe?

Yes of course. Our colleagues Pyxis Suisse and Oddes Pyxis (France) also offer this training.

Private Group Training

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