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Scaled Professional Scrum with Nexus

Scaled Professional Scrum ™ (SPS) with Nexus ™ is a course designed as an experiential workshop during which students learn to use Scrum on a large scale thanks to the Nexus frame. Throughout, we present the artifacts and events of the executive and the new role of the new Nexus integration team in more than fifty associated practices.


During the two days, participants simulate a critical software development project using the Nexus framework. The workshop uses a case study from start to finish, during which students work together to organize and simulate a software development project. They also discovered over fifty practices that can reduce complexity and large-scale dependencies.

The workshop teaches students how to launch, structure, recruit and manage a critical agile project using Scrum. During the workshop, participants will learn the infrastructure, tools and practices required to succeed with a scrum on a large scale by maximizing the value of their software development initiatives.

By adopting a practical approach, participants are wholly engaged in the learning process, during which they have a first-hand vision of the challenges encountered in large-scale development initiatives and solutions to put them back on track. They will leave this workshop with techniques to detect and face irregularities appropriately.

  • Large-scale scrum is still scrum
  • Introduction to the new Nexus framework
  • New role, artifacts and events
  • Organize teams and work
  • Manage Nexus and Nexus+™
  • Facing current challenges
  • Practices to help teams effectively build an integrated software product
  • Certification assessment

This training is:

Online Location Certified Languages


14 hours in two days of training

Classroom pricing:

$1,695 CAD + tx

Public Sessions

Private Group

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  • Find out how to overcome the challenges of large-scale development initiatives and how to keep the course.
  • Experience the organization of several teams working on identical products to optimize productivity.
  • Understand how to identify, minimize and eliminate outbuildings.

Target Audience

Anyone who is involved in an initiative for scaling scrum in the organization, from scrum masters to high-level executives


All the participants who finish this course will receive a password to try the SPS assessment (Scaled Professional Scrum). SPS certification, recognized by industry, requires a minimum score of 85 %.

Participants in SPS lesson who try the SPS assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and who do not get a score of at least 85 % will be entitled to a second attempt at no additional cost.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

How to work efficiently and maintain a common focus when several Scrum teams work together on the same product. How to address and manage dependencies.

What's in it for me?

An understanding of the Nexus-scale agility framework.

Is this training for me?

If you are involved in an initiative to scale up Scrum in your organization, this course is for you.

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