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Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK)

Apply Kanban practices and improve scrum flows.

Professional Scrum ™ With Kanban (PSK) is an interactive training course based on activities that teach experienced Scrum masters and other Scrum practitioners how to improve their working skills by applying Kanban practices in the context of Professional Scrum. Through theory, case studies and practical exercises, students will learn how Kanban practices can help Scrum teams get better results by improving workflow.

Organizations using DevOps, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) will find that adding flow to their scrum application is a natural supplement.

There is a myth that teams must choose between using Scrum or Kanban. Optimizing the workflow in Scrum by taking advantage of Kanban practices has many advantages. In this 2-day training course*, students will discover the benefits of using Scrum and Kanban together.

Students will learn how to optimize their workflow by adding four Kanban practices to Scrum:

  • Visualize the Workflow Sprint Backlog on a Kanban Table
  • Limitation of current work (WIP)
  • Actively manage the current work elements
  • Inspect and constantly adapt how the team uses flow optimization

By taking advantage of these practices, the teams improve transparency, collaboration and self-management, thereby improving their ability to achieve Sprint objectives at a lasting pace. In addition, this course aims to help students follow and manage flow metrics to provide more predictable delivery models, ultimately helping them to overcome current delivery challenges by going to “finished.” Students will leave with a better understanding of what a good kanban looks like and how to implement it in a professional scrum environment. and our professional trainers Scrum worked with Daniel Vacanti and Yuval Yeret to create this course, using their Kanban expertise and knowledge. In 2007, Daniel helped develop the Kanban method for intellectual work, particularly by managing Kanban’s first implementation project worldwide. Yuval, the author of “Holy Land Kanban,” is a recipient of the Brickell Key Prize in the Lean Kanban community for his work helping to establish a strong Kanban community with several business product developments in Israel and worldwide. In addition, all the trainers in this class must have real-world experience in Scrum and Kanban.

This training is:

Online Location Certified Languages


14 hours in two days of training

Classroom pricing:

$1,895 CAD + tx

Private Group

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  • Understand Kanban flow and practices from the point of view of the Scrum team.
  • Explain how Kanban practices can improve the flow within a sprint.
  • Increase transparency by helping the scrum team visualize its flow of Work.
  • Use data to create a Scrum team's service level (SLE) to improve the predictability of delivery.
  • Apply the concept of flows and Kanban practices during events in Scrum.
  • Help the team to overcome common flow challenges by actively managing WIP.

Target Audience

The Professional Scrum With Kanban course is designed for experienced scrum practitioners who have a good understanding of Professional Scrum and who wish to learn to implement Kanban practices with their Scrum teams. Ideally, the participants read the Kanban guide for the Scrum teams and succeeded in the Scrum Open assessment. The course is particularly beneficial for:

  • The scrum masters who wish to learn how the flow, the metrics of flows and other Kanban practices can help them, as well as their scrum teams, to improve their way of working in scrum
  • Professional scrum practitioners wishing to improve their current practices and who want to know how Kanban practices can help them and their teams to improve


All participants who finish the Professional Scrum With Kanban course will receive a password to try the professional assessment Scrum with Kanban I (PSK I). PSK I certification, recognized by industry, requires a minimum score of 85 %.

Participants in the PSK class who try the PSK I evaluation within 14 days of receiving their free password and who do not get at least 85 % will be given a 2nd attempt at no additional cost.


What are the main problems addressed by this training?

You will learn the basic principles of the flow and how to use them to make your team's process more efficient, predictable, and efficient.

What's in it for me?

Kanban theory, principles and practices applied with Scrum.

Is this training for me?

This training is for you if you want to discover and apply Kanban in your organization.

Do you offer this training in Europe?

Yes of course. Our colleagues Pyxis Suisse and Oddes Pyxis (France) also offer this training.

Private Group Training

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