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Professional Scrum Product Discovery and Validation (PPDV)

The Professional Product Discovery and Validation course is designed to equip professionals with the skills and techniques needed for effective product discovery and validation.

It helps Scrum teams use the empirical process to create better products and maximize the value of their work.

This course focuses on understanding customer needs, validating product ideas and ensuring that the right product is built.

Course overview

  1. Introduction to product discovery
    • Understand the importance of product discovery
    • Key concepts and terminology
  2. Customer research and knowledge
    • Techniques for collecting customer intelligence
    • Analysis of customer data to inform product decisions
  3. Idea validation
    • Methods for validating product ideas
    • Prototype and test concepts
  4. Alignment with corporate objectives
    • Ensure that product ideas are in line with company objectives
    • Prioritization techniques
  5. Integrating discovery into development
    • Best practices for integrating discovery into the development cycle
    • Continuous validation and iteration
  6. Case studies and practical exercises
    • Concrete examples of successful product discovery
    • Practical exercises to apply the techniques learned

This training is:

Online Location Certified Languages


14 hours in two days

Classroom pricing:

$995 CAD + tx

Public Sessions

Private Group

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  • Discover techniques for effective product discovery
  • Learn how to validate product ideas before they are developed
  • Acquire tools to understand and respond to customer needs
  • Implement strategies to ensure alignment with corporate objectives
  • Understand how to integrate discovery and validation into the product development process.

Target Audience

  • Product managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Anyone involved in product development and strategy



All participants who complete this course will receive a password to attempt the PPDV (Professional Product Discovery and Validation) assessment. Industry-recognized PPDV certification requires a minimum score of 85%.

Course participants who attempt the assessment within 14 days of receiving their free password and fail to achieve a score of at least 85% will be entitled to a second attempt at no extra charge.

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